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We accept short fictional pieces of up to 2,500 words, for publication in our new triannual issues (see dates and themes below). Please submit only stories that appeal to our themes, as indicated below. NO novel excerpts. Please send only one piece per issue, and note the submission windows for each theme. THANKS!

2018 THEMES:

  • August: Sugar High (submissions open April 1-July 1)
  • December: We'll Always Have Paris (Or Will We?) – submissions will open August 6, 2018
AUGUST THEME GUIDELINES: Summer’s a time of light reading, so let’s get fluffy like cotton candy and ponder the theme of Sugar High. Consider caffeine, sweeteners natural and lab-made, the way endorphins lift our moods, and our tech mimics the rush of those chemicals to the brain, causing us to click click click, more more more. Where would we be without sugar, as a society? What’s your favorite candy or sweet treat? What kinds of things (legal only, please!) get you high, inspire you, lift your spirits, improve your mood, get your heart racing, move you forward day after day? Explore the light or the dark side (or both!) of a sugary rush. Think about the sticky sweetness of youth, as well as the bittersweetness of aging. Mix your metaphors, color outside the lines, think pink, or just swirl us a candy-colored landscape in your imagination.

NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we can no longer personally respond to all submissions. Therefore, we have divided our submissions into fee-free and fee-based, in order to streamline the process and continue to offer helpful criticism where possible. This form is for writers that DO wish to receive brief feedback on their work.

Your $4 submission fee does not guarantee publication, nor a lengthy response to your piece, but you will receive brief commentary on your piece's pros and cons if it is rejected. Writers will always have the option to submit work to Black Heart for free, but please understand that paid submissions help us keep the site running, and we appreciate your donation!

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